>  Product
     o   Operations; Quality & Efficiency
     o   Marketing & Branding
     o   Customer Concentrations

>  Finance
     o   Risk Management
     o   Capital Structure; Debt & Equity
     o   Sales & Use Tax Compliance
     o   Property & Casualty Insurance

     o   Surety

>  Strategic Planning
     o   SWOT Analysis
     o   Competition Analysis
     o   5-year plan
     o   Succession Planning

>  People
     o   Organizational Structure
     o   Company Culture
     o   Company Policy
     o   Compensation
     o   Employee Development
     o   Leadership„†††

​​>  Process & Systems (I.T.)
     o   Sales, Estimating & Pricing
     o   Time Entry & Payroll
     o   Budgets
     o   Procurement
     o   Financial Management Reporting               and Key Performance Indicators
     o   Job Cost Reporting
     o   Scheduling

Enterprise Analysis is a business consultancy specializing in small to mid-sized companies in the construction industry.  We help businesses improve performance and achieve their growth objectives.  Each client engagement is unique; customized to your company based on the level of sophistication; where you are in the company’s life cycle and the talent base of your organization.  The scope of an engagement may very well be a targeted focus; developing one specific area of the business, however all engagements begin with a complete Enterprise Analysis; an intense "deep-dive" into all aspects of the business, identifying opportunities for improvement and paradigms that can choke innovation and progress.  This critical examination is derived from two sources; complete disclosure of company data, records and reports through a due diligence style investigation and key employee interviews.  It is an open and honest evaluation of every aspect of your company; it is not right for everyone.  Areas of focus include:

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