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"Ken, I wanted to share my gratitude for your guidance and mentorship to myself and our team.  I am very appreciative of your candor.  As with any architect, I imagine it’s most gratifying to see what you’ve designed come to fruition.  I hope you are as pleased as we are with how things are taking shape.  I look forward to continuing to build together."
                                                      Jason Craven, President
                                            Southern Botanical, Dallas, TX

"... contrary to the belief that consultants tell you only what you already know and what you want to hear, Enterprise Analysis gave us an honest critical evaluation of our organization with solid recommendations on how to improve our performance." 

Phillip Keller, President, Keller Brothers Construction, Inc.

Mt. Airy, MD

"The entire process has transformed our company. Our team is rededicated and reenergized to be the best company in the country."

Frank Mariani, CEO, Mariani Enterprises

Lake Bluff, IL

“How would I rate Ken’s impact on our firm?  In a word, transformative!
We always felt that we had a good business model and set good standards for quality and customer satisfaction.  But what was missing was focus, structure and a common vision on how to do what we do best.  Ken met with our team, thoughtfully gathering feedback and carefully analyzed our (somewhat primitive) metrics.  His executive summary was spot on, and he has since been in the trenches with us.  He provided us a much more accountable budget and continues to develop our management team and refine our business processes.  In short, under his guidance, our firm is now operating at a significantly higher level of proficiency.  I recommend Ken at the highest level.”
                      Mark Oxley, President, Outdoor illumination
                                                                     Bethesda, MD

"After only three days of your expertise, I learned more about Easter Seals than I had accumulated over the past ten years. Thank you for your talent and insight."

David A. Ross, Chairman, Board of Directors

Easter Seals Society, Washington, DC

"If seeing is believing, let Enterprise Analysis show you where you are and where you can go; put your company through the Enterprise Analysis and discover what it takes to go from a good company to a great company!"

Mike Rorie, President, GroundMasters, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH